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Webcam Saver 1.4

Webcam Saver is a screensaver that displays webcam images
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Webcam Saver is a screensaver that displays webcam images. The application comes pre-loaded with several webcam servers from around the world, which allows you to display those webcams on your screen. They are the kind of webcams that you would see on the news when they are giving you the weather report. There are also traffic cameras that can be displayed.

By default, Webcam Saver displays 9 webcams on your screen. If you go to the options, you can change the number of webcams to be shown. You can also change the update time for each camera, with the default setting being 1 second. There are several transition effects as well. Perhaps the most interesting feature about Webcam Saver is that you can display your favorite cameras in full screen and cycle through them.

You can tell that this is a very powerful application when you look at the options. Almost everything can be customized and the screensaver even allows you to download new camera feeds from the Internet. Webcam Saver does take a good 10-15 seconds to load up when it is time to show a screensaver or when you are trying to preview it. Don't worry. It is normal.

José Fernández
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  • Very customizable
  • Powerful application
  • Lots of pre-loaded cameras
  • You can download cameras from the Internet


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